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Jean King Second Character by Queer-Robot Jean King Second Character by Queer-Robot
My second character for :iconpkmn-armonia:!!! Please send me a note if you wanna RP or follow him on twitter

You fancy a race?

:bulletgreen:Name Jean King (pronounced like John)

:bulletwhite: Age 15 years old 16

:bulletgreen:Gender Male

:bulletwhite:Pokemon Skiddo

:bulletgreen:Birthday August 10th

:bulletwhite:Height With his prosthetics on he is about 5' 2"

:bulletgreen:Weight 98 pounds 

:bulletwhite:Nature Hardy

:bulletgreen:Ability Sap Sipper (attack is boost when hit by grass moves, grass moves are also ineffective against him) 

:bulletwhite:Personality +Friendly +Determined +Optimistic -Can get frustrated -Headstrong -Easily offended. Jean loves talking to people and enjoys meeting up with others. He focuses on his studies and exercise but is willing to bend and skip a study session or run to instead go to a party. He doesn't consider having no legs as a problem and will challenge you if you consider him any less because of this. He overall is optimistic about the whole thing, but if he is put down his mood will quickly turn south. He doesn't known when to stop or give up even if it results in him hurting himself or causing him to have to go back into a wheelchair to let his wounds heal.  

:bulletgreen:History Jean was born with severely underdeveloped lower limbs which rendered him unable to walk without prosthetics his entire life. His parents, a female Gogoat and a Sandslash had already had two children before him and both were born normally, so it was a surprise with Jean, but they embraced it and knew that he would have a more difficult time growing up, so there was no reason to make it more difficult. They tried not to over coddle him and do everything for him as they felt that it would just hurt him in the long run which caused Jean to be very self reliant. Being that he could move the upper thighs that he had, the doctors told his parents that he could learn to walk later in life, but being short of funds his parents weren't able to pay for physical therapy right away and instead decided to teach him to use a wheelchair until the chance came that they could afford teaching him to walk.

Jean was confined to a wheelchair for most of his early childhood but always looked forward to that one day when he would be able to run and play with his brothers and the other kids. It was rare to be teased but Jean was often annoyed that he couldn't play any sports ore do gym like the other kids. Parts of his school weren't wheelchair accessible and he hated having an adult wheel him along in between classes. Overall he highly disliked the whole experience and constantly begged his parents to let him learn to walk, but they didn't have enough money to spend on doctors and prosthetic legs so they told him to be patient and one day he would learn.

His legs weren't the only part of him underdeveloped though. It was hard for him to learn things mentally and he stayed back two years in elementary school as his teachers and parents both agreed that Jean wasn't ready to move on. He had a harder time learning important and necessary skills and his teachers felt that moving him on with the rest of his class would just cause him more problems later in life. This depressed Jean significantly as he had to make new friends twice and it made him feel like an idiot who would never get anywhere in life. His parents, seeing how difficult this was for him wanted to cheer him up in anyway possible and the only way thing that could make Jean feel better was to splurge on physical therapy lessons and prosthetic legs. 

Jean was incredibly excited about it and went into each lesson incredibly optimistic about the whole thing and through practice and dedication he inched on and on with his progress and soon was able to walk with the assistance of a walker or braces and eventually learned to walk on his own.  Even after learning to walk he continued going to the lessons so he could get better and stronger so that he could run and jump with the other kids. The other children regarded Jean very positively and the increased amount of optimism drove Jean to want to study and learn more and through determination he was able to go through middleschool without having the stay back again

Jean now being 15 is ready to go to high school but as there are none in the nearby area, Jean's parents had nothing to do besides look for schools in farther locations. One that struck their eye was Armonia Institute because even though it was far away it had a wide range of students of different ages that would help Jean not feel as bad for staying back. Sending in his application, his parents and Jean hope for the best.

:bulletwhite:Hometown Couriway Town

:bulletgreen:Summary characteristic Capable of taking hits

:bulletwhite:Hobbies Exercising, running, swimming, being outside and talking with other pokemon

:bulletgreen:Level 14

:iconwatertypeplz: Surf
:icongrasstypeplz: Razor Leaf
:iconnormaltypeplz: Frustration
:iconnormaltypeplz: Retaliate 
Leveling up moves: Tackle, Growth, Vine Whip, Tail Whip, Leech Seed
:bulletgreen: Favorite berry flavor Oran Berry/All flavors

:bulletwhite:House Rosalind 

:bulletgreen:School Schedule Gym, Geography and Tech Ed!

:bulletblack: Jean is very very clumsy and even though he has used his prosthetics for a few years he still has a habit of tripping or banging into things by accident. If he does fall he will refuse to let anyone help him up as he feels he needs to do it himself. 
:bulletblack: Jean stayed back in 2nd grade and 3rd grade and can get sensitive is people make fun of his below par grades or his inability to learn things right away. He can get frustrated and angry quickly if it takes him too long to learn something and has been known to cry over it.
:bulletblack: Growing up in a town full of water and rivers Jean was taught how to swim as a means of allowing his muscles to develop. He was given the HM Surf by his parents as a birthday present to assist him in swimming, and even without his legs, Jean loves to swim and continues doing it to this day
:bulletblack: Jean has two pairs of prosthetics, a running set (pictured above) and more day to day one. He also has a wheelchair with him just in case he hurts himself, but he avoids being in his wheelchair as much as possible
:bulletblack: While Jean enjoys exercising he doesn't like to battle much so his level is relatively low for his age, but he hopes that he can work harder to get stronger
:bulletblack: Jean has a bad habit of crying when he is frustrated
:bulletblack: Being easily offended, Jean will confront others if he feels they are putting him down, but he is quick to forgive and forget
:bulletblack: Lastly Jean's favorite class is history and gym, least favorite is science and art 
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Spashai Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014  Student General Artist
Oh my gosh, he's so adorable 8'D
Yoshinx Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I really like your 2nd character lolcat :D He's a pretty cook guy~
Queer-Robot Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014  Student Digital Artist
ahhhh thank you~!!!
Yoshinx Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014  Student Digital Artist
also meant cool*
Pyracanthii Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014  Student General Artist
AHhh another Skiddo kiddo, what a cutie! I would love to RP Hershel would him ;w;~
Queer-Robot Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014  Student Digital Artist
ahh yes! Hershel is such a cutie pie I can't wait for Jean to meet him

I'll send you a starter note RP when he is accepted into the group~!
Pyracanthii Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014  Student General Artist
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