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PKMN-Crossing application by Queer-Robot PKMN-Crossing application by Queer-Robot
I GOT ACCEPTED ASDF :iconasdfghplz::iconpapcryplz: AHHHH OH MY GOD IF YOU WANNA RP PLEASE SEND ME A NOTE DON'T BE SHY~!!!! :iconmagic-plz:

for :iconpkmn-crossing:

:bulletred:NAME:Johnathan Weber

:bulletblue:SPECIES: #373 Salamence

:bulletwhite:GENDER: Male

:bulletred:BIRTHDAY: September 5th

:bulletblue:ZODIAC: Virgo

:bulletwhite:AGE: 48

:bulletred:NATURE: Jolly

:bulletblue:CHARACTERISTIC: Hates to lose

:bulletwhite:CATCHPHRASE: "Ace"

:bulletred:JOB: Co-owner of a business located in the city, sells cars. As a salesman he is also willing to make money by selling products for other residents.

:bulletblue:HOME TOWN: Black City

:bulletwhite:HISTORY:Johnathan was one of two boys born to a Salamence father and Dragonite mother. His brother Tyler being first born and a dratini, and Johnathan being second born and a bagon. His mother was a modest housewife and his father was a moderately successful car salesman who wanted his two boys to eventually work for him and to take on the family business. So from early on his father worked on the boys’ charisma, communication skills, people/pokemon skills, and deception skills and even sent them to private schools as he believed that the more degrees you hung up in your office, the more cars you would sell.

Tyler was incredibly enthusiastic and worked the best to his studies and went into the field as soon as he graduated college. Johnathan on the other hand, wanted none of it. He didn’t want to be pigeonholed into his father’s job and he didn’t want to lie to people on a daily basis, so when opportunity struck he took it. Recently evolved from Shelgon to Salamence in his early college years, Johnathan wanted to use his non-bulky body to go into the dream job of most male pokemon: professional battling. Salamence had been known for their strength and aggression, and while Johnathan wasn’t the best battler he was optimistic about the whole thing and went in to battles with his head held high, and left with a few cuts and bruises and money to put in his pocket.

Now the problem with professional battling, is that once you reach a certain age, you are expected to retire and while most pokemon do it under their own accord, retirement for Johnathan was forced upon him. During one particular battle against a hitmonlee, Johnathan was hit by a mega kick and his leg was instantly shattered, and his career was ruined. While he recovered, he developed a terrible limp and needed the use of a cane in order to prevent further pain.

Without work and with a bad leg injury, Johnathan didn’t have many options for his future and ended up reluctantly going to his brother for work as a car salesman. His brother taught him the rest of the trade on the job and for years Johnathan worked to be the best darn salesman he could be.

Now at 48 and almost 15 years invested in his job, Johnathan was given the opportunity to relocate part of his brother’s business into a location of his choosing in order to reach a wider range of customers. His brother wanted to put his business into the city but Johnathan couldn’t afford the housing of any of the apartments, and Tyler was too much of a penny pincher to pay for the monthly bill, giving Johnathan the only option to move in somewhere outside the city and to commute to work every day. Looking at location and prices, Johnathan found a town that was in his price range, and that had a train station that could take him to the city. Hoping for the best, he heads to Pokette Town looking to become a future resident.

:bulletred: ABILITY: Intimidate (Lowers the foe’s Attack.). Because of his age and scrawny-ness this ability hardly ever works.
:bulletblue: HIDDEN ABILITY: Moxie (Boosts Attack after knocking out any Pokémon.) If Johnathan succeeds at doing something competition wise, his happiness, pride and attack rises.

:bulletwhite: MOVES:
:bulletblack: Fly: Uses to fly around on his wings. He can only carry himself and small objects or pokemon
:bulletblack: Dragon Tail: Main attack move. Hardly ever uses it nowadays.
:bulletblack: Rage: Usually will use this move after he loses or if he knows he is going to lose.
:bulletblack: Swagger: Uses to impress others and often uses it before a sale.

:bulletblack: Being Jolly, Johnathan is incredibly optimistic and tries to always find the bright side of things.
:bulletblack: From the skills taught to him by his father Johnathan is charismatic and can get quite chatty sometimes. He loves making friends and usually will not be offended by comments.
:bulletblack: Though he can be deceptive at times and he lies very easily, if caught he will try to defend himself by saying he thought it was for the best.
:bulletblack: He loves competition but hates losing and will act childishly until he calms down. During these times he is often rude and will be self-absorbed until he fumes himself off.
:bulletblack: Johnathan loves suits and wears them to look more professional.
:bulletblack: Johnathan is never seen without his cane and has an obvious limp.
:bulletblack: While Johnathan can't sell cars in Pokette Town, he is willing to work as a salesman for other residents and to help them sell their goods for some extra money.
:bulletblack: While Johnathan graduated college, he has more street smarts than book smarts.
:bulletblack: Even though Johnathan's name can be shortened to John he prefers that others do not call him that as he feels it is unprofessional.
:bulletblack: Johnathan looks at things from a professional perspective and prefers to do things that he believes have 'long term values'. He sometimes has a hard time living in the moment and looks forward to the future over everything.
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dizzyrin Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Arizona: "Hey, heeeeey! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Do you know what's super trippy? It's my birthday too, zzee! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO USSSSS!"
SalamenceCake Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
eeee! salamence!
KayVeeDee Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Woah, how did I not see this guy earlier? He looks so classy! :squee: And it's so refreshing to see an older character after all the teenagers and 20-somethings in the group xD;;
Congrats, and welcome to Pokette! We must rp sometime, if it's not inconvenient for you ^^
Queer-Robot Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2013  Student Digital Artist
haha thanks!
yeah I wanted to have a much older character to change it up a bit

but yeah I would love to rp with you! would you like to note RP or comment?
KayVeeDee Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Change is good! Plus it can bring an interesting new perspective to town ^^

Oh, yay! :la: I prefer notes since they're generally easier for me to keep track of, if that's alright ^^; 
Shoebadu Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2013
Ooooooh a Salamence! So far he looks awesome! Hope we can roleplay soon! OoO
Queer-Robot Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2013  Student Digital Artist
ahh thank you!
And I would love to roleplay with you too~ would you like to start a note or comment rp?
dizzyrin Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Aaaaah! Awesome!
Same birthday as my character woaaaa!
Queer-Robot Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013  Student Digital Artist
yeah I am~!!! If I get in our characters have to meet~

thats so sick! double birthday all the way haha
dizzyrin Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes they must! Waaah, I hope you get in!

Aww yeah, double birthday!
maddylove16 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This is really good so far all I see is some misspellings and that's all good luck upon getting in! :)
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